@SenSanders: If you paid $12.99 a month for an Amazon Prime membership, you paid more to Amazon than it paid in federal income taxes over the past 3 years combined. On this #PrimeDay, let us stand with Amazon workers. Let us demand that billionaires pay their fair share.

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@VP: It was an honor to meet Ms. Opal Lee at the White House this week. She worked for years to make Juneteenth a national holiday. Happy Juneteenth, everyone!

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@RoKhanna: Today, we remember the day that the last American slaves were told that slavery was abolished and they were free–two years after Emancipation. We must not lose sight of the long struggle still ahead of us.

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@Taniel: The California Senate passed a bill this week that’d set up guaranteed basic income for youth aging out of foster care. ($1,000/monthly for three years.) Context:

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@RoKhanna: The Juneteenth National Holiday allows all of us to learn more about the heroic contributions of Black Americans & better understand American history. Slavery didn’t end with Emancipation but only after years of more struggle when the 13th Amendment was ratified on 12/18/1865.

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@PramilaJayapal: The evidence wasn’t there to go to war in Iraq. We knew it in 2003 when I spoke at a 50,000-person rally in Seattle against the war. We know even better now.Nearly 20 years later, let’s finally repeal the AUMF.No more blank checks for war. No more forever wars.

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@income_movement: Have you signed up yet for this year’s NABIG Conference? Over 120 speakers, 30+ panel discussions covering all aspects of the basic income movement. Open to all and free to attend, register here:

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@StateDept: The American flag has stood as a symbol of freedom, hope, and opportunity for over 240 years. Today and everyday, we proudly fly the Stars and Stripes at our U.S. embassies and consulates around the world. #FlagDay

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@OurRevolution: “Even @Sen_JoeManchin gets it. Labor law has been destroyed for 80 years — and CEOs benefit.Workers struggle to pay the bills every day. Give them the right to organize without bosses’interference, threats, union-busting, & illegal firing.” – Shane Larson, @CWAUnion #PROAct

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@ZachandMattShow: “I’ve worked in politics for 10 years. I know some of your opponents very well. You have my vote.”

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