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@RoKhanna: Every year, the federal government supports the production of fossil fuels by more than $15 billion, thanks in large part to Big Oil lobbyists that influence politicians to prop up the industry.Add your name to demand an end to fossil fuel subsidies:

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@VP: My first-grade teacher, Mrs. Wilson, encouraged me when I was her student and years later cheered me on when I graduated from law school. This year and every year, we celebrate America’s teachers, who make a lifelong impact on America’s students. #NationalTeacherAppreciationDay

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@EricG1247: “650 billionaires in America saw their net worth increase by more than $1 trillion”It would take the 1 million US workers making minimum wage combined over 66 years to make what 650 people made during 1 year while in a pandemic.

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@BernieSanders: This has been the worst and most painful year in the modern history of our country. But not everyone has been hurting — while tens of millions of Americans have been living in economic desperation, the wealthiest people in this country have become obscenely richer. #BernieInKY

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@danwhitejr: I’ve had 28 Pastor friends resign this year. Almost all of them are transitioning to a new vocation. What is occurring?

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@POTUS: Teachers are an extraordinary force for good in our nation — I’m lucky enough to be married to one and have seen firsthand how hard they work for their students. This year teachers have gone above and beyond to help children learn through the pandemic. So please, thank a teacher.

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@BernieSanders: In Mitch McConnell’s world, if you are a multi-billionaire campaign contributor it’s okay to receive a $1.4 billion tax break. That’s how the system works. But if you are a carpenter who makes $75,000 a year, a direct payment is “socialism for the rich.” Give me a break.

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@VP: This month, we celebrate and honor the significant contributions Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders have made to our nation. This past year, we have seen an unconscionable rise in hate against AAPI Americans. @POTUS and I want you to know: we stand with you.

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