@AsherSchechter: “What was totally shortsighted, morally wrong, and foolish is that there was no consideration after we prioritized our own nation of what we were going to do and what our responsibility was to the rest of the world. We aren’t an island.” @RoKhanna

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dpakman: I’d respect a lot of these right wingers way more if they just completely copped to their mistake. say you were wrong, that your support of Trump damaged the country, and that there’s simply no ifs ands or buts nor excuses. The mealy-mouthed hedging is worthless

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@MeidasTouch: If you are on Instagram please consider giving her a follow at . We hope @tiktok_us can look into this as soon as possible and right this wrong.

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@DavidCaltabiano: Governor Doug Ducey is wrong in stating CDC guidelines led him to the decision of removing a school mask policy. Latest information shows CDC recommending masks and physical distancing for students. (1/2) #azfamily LIST OF DISTRICT DECISIONS:

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@karrilevens: I think this is a good description of who I am. Stubborn, clever, honest, trustworthy & goofy. What you see is what you get. I don’t put up with other people’s crap. If you are nice to me, I will be nice to you. Make a wrong on me? I hold grudges, will accept apologies.✌ People!

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