@lsthart: It would mean kids could start out on their own and have something to rely on.Having a reliable source of income is stability that many don’t have.It’s a privilege.It’s time we give everyone that privilege.#UBI

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@TelegraphWorld: ➡️In any country that sells its goods by sea, this situation would spell disaster. But in Ukraine, it spells disaster for the rest of the planet too. For Ukraine is one of the world’s largest providers of food crops – in particular, supplying wheat to Africa and Asia

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@CompassOffice: A modest #BasicIncome could reduce poverty to the lowest level in 60 years.The #UBI would require no additional calls on the public finances and no net increase in taxation.Check out coverage by @LGeraghty23 in @BigIssue👇

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@scottsantens: One of my favorite replies to this video: “I used to be against UBI then I heard someone say something along the lines of ‘If Americans’ No. 1 priority wasn’t money, think of the future it would bring knowing people can look at other goals,’ then it kinda clicked for me.”

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@dpakman: I would like to extend an invitation to you to appear on my program to discuss the film and provide the opportunity to defend its primary claims. I will provide whatever amount of time you believe will be suitable to have the discussion

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@RoKhanna: Canceling student debt would put hundreds of dollars a month directly into the pockets of tens of millions of families who are struggling to pay their bills right now. It’s time we do it.

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@FundForHumanity: Precisely. It would not only provide an economic floor under which no one could fall, it would also be emblematic of our interdependence, proof that everyone counts .

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@FundForHumanity: Here I am, testifying in Santa Clara County for the first 21stC government-sponsored guaranteed income for transitioning foster youth, suggesting that the pilot would serve as a template in other places: what?

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@scottsantens: “Should the U.S. implement a carbon price with a border adjustment, it would provide a strong incentive for nations doing trade with the U.S. — just about everyone — to price carbon, thereby reducing fossil fuel use around the world.”We need to do this.

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@AndrewYang: When races are decided without ranked choice voting and winners are declared who got 30-35% of the vote as opposed to a majority, it’s a black eye on our democracy. Why accept winners with such low vote shares when a simple process change to RCV would better reflect popular will?

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