@OurRevolution: Why in the world are we allowing Republicans to dictate the terms of our infrastructure deal when WE have the majority??? Democrats! The people gave you the power. USE IT! #BuildBackBold @DNC

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@AndrewYang: Tomorrow on co-founder and CEO of @GiveDirectly @MichaelLFaye talks about giving people in the developing world $700 million over the past decade – plus a special announcement!

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@PramilaJayapal: This is shameful. America’s ever-expanding medical debt crisis is immoral and inhumane.In the richest nation in the world, no one should go bankrupt for being sick. We urgently need Medicare for All.

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@PramilaJayapal: The 500 wealthiest people in the world became almost 33% richer in 2020 ALONE. We can’t let income inequality continue to skyrocket. It’s time for a wealth tax.

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@BernieSanders: The richest guys in the world are off in space. They’re not particularly worried about Earth anymore. The days of them not paying a nickel in federal income taxes are going to end, and we will finally invest in the long-neglected needs of America’s working families.

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@RoKhanna: We’re the richest country in the world. And yet every year, an average of 29% of Americans have to choose between paying for medication or other basic needs.It doesn’t need to be this way. We need Medicare For All.

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@FundForHumanity: In the current economic system that has not allocated its fair share to labor since the 1950’s, you have to envision a world where human labor is no longer valuable because of AI. And then you have to back-engineer the implementation of UBI.

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@karrilevens: You are from God, little children, and have conquered them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. 1 John 4:4 #KarriLevens #Bible #God #Jesus #BibleVerses

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@BernieSanders: As cities around the world experience 100-year floods every year, as the Pacific Northwest is inundated with wildfires, and as heatwaves around the world burn and suffocate wildlife — I ask again — how is bold action on climate considered radical, and this new normal is not?

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@FundForHumanity: Universal Basic Income is a concept that is being adopted all over the world by many countries in different ways. The challenge in the 21stC is to change economic systems so that they recognize the value of everyone’s contribution. That’s the next step in human development.

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