@OurRevolution: We stand with McDonald’s workers striking for better wages. No one can survive on $7.25!! #RaiseTheWage #FightFor15

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@scottsantens: “Amid reports of a restaurant industry ‘labor shortage,’ employees say all they really want are wages that make the risk worth it.”

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@scottsantens: The power to refuse to work until your conditions are met is called bargaining power. The unemployment insurance boost is providing that power temporarily. Unconditional basic income would provide that power permanently, and unlike UI, would be kept in addition to wages vs. lost.

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@BernieSanders: My message to the workers of this country is this: you do not have to work for starvation wages. You do not have to work in unsafe working conditions. You have the right to have dignity. The power rests with people who get together, who organize, and stand up for their rights.

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@BernieSanders: I stand in solidarity with @GSOCUAW graduate workers at NYU who are on strike for living wages, affordable health care, and decent working conditions. We are fighting for college for all and dignity for the workers who make our universities great. #StrikeonNYU

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@scottsantens: 1. Get money to people.2. People spend money.3. Businesses convert customer money into wages and salaries.4. Return to step one.

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@OurRevolution: Our healthcare system is BROKEN. A veteran who works full-time can’t even afford it! We must pass the #PROAct so workers can negotiate for better wages & benefits.

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@kenjaminyang: There’s something inherently backwards about taxing wages more than unearned income from investments.It’s stifling consumer buying power and accelerating income polarization – both of which are terrible for our economy.

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@BernieSanders: A $15 minimum wage is supported by:89% of African Americans87% of Democrats76% of Latino Americans73% of Asian Americans62% of all AmericansIt’s time for Congress to stop listening to greedy CEOs and start listening to workers who are tired of making starvation wages

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@scottsantens: Looks like Glenn Beck is starting to see #UBI as the only option, although I don’t think he understands that UBI is a floor, or that people can make their own jobs with UBI, or that when people spend UBI, it creates more jobs, or that employers can raise wages to attract workers.

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