@OurRevolution: “Communities cannot ‘out-organize’ voter suppression when those they organize to elect won’t protect the vote. And even if they DO out-organize, the ground is being set to overturn results.” – Rep. @AOC #DefendDemocracy #ForThePeopleAct

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@BernieSanders: I hope you will join me, @CoriBush, @keithellison, and @CornelWest this Saturday in Cleveland, Ohio as we get out the vote for @ninaturner ahead of this crucial special election.RSVP:

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@RBReich: Let me get this straight. So far 600,000 Americans have died of COVID yet Republicans don’t think you should have to be vaccinated. So far only 16 instances of alleged voter fraud have been found in the 2020 election yet they’ve passed 30 laws making it harder for you to vote.

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@VP: New anti-voter laws will make it more difficult for Native Americans to vote. @SecDebHaaland and I met with Tribal leaders and Native advocates to discuss obstacles to the ballot box—and what we can do to ensure all Americans can exercise their right to vote.

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@VP: The right to vote is the right that unlocks all other rights.The @NationalBar, its members, and everything it represents have played an integral role in shaping America and our right to vote. Today, I spoke with them about why we must rise to meet the present moment.

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@PramilaJayapal: The right to vote is sacred. We can’t just sit back and watch as millions of people lose access to the ballot box.End the filibuster. Pass the For the People Act. It can’t wait.

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@VP: America has lost a hero. Robert Parris Moses was a soft spoken and big-hearted educator and organizer—for justice, for equality, and for the right to vote. My condolences to the Moses family and to all who knew and loved him. Let us honor his memory by continuing his fight.

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