@scottsantens: $50 says David didn’t make this video in exchange for money to survive out of fear he might otherwise possibly die if he didn’t make it, and instead he did it because he already had his basic needs covered and thought he would be making the world a bit better by adding a new vid.

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@FundForHumanity: UBI is the first step toward a new mind set. READ: the Visions and Foundations document and WATCH: the video .

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@KimiAvary: Listen to @scottsantens article Escaping Together. I was inspired to read it on video, with his permission, because not everyone takes the time to read. Please check it out and share if you feel as inspired as I did. #UBI #UniversalBasicIncome #BasicIncome

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@dpakman: Have been watching the LuLaRoe series on Amazon video. It’s still shocking to me how many people fall for MLMs even today

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@BasicIncomeNS: A great new promotional video from Basic Income Now. Please share widely. #BasicIncomeNow #basicincome #endpoverty

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@RBReich: This week Dems consider whether to put a 2% tax on stock buybacks. I hope they do. It would bring in $105 billion in 10 years and discourage corporations from pumping up shares of stock to the benefit of CEOs and big investors rather than investing the cash. See our video below.

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@thehill: Rep. Matt Gaetz: “You think we can’t build a wall, secure the border in 2021? As of 2018, 21 countries had border walls with even more under construction. Heck, China has a big, beautiful wall, a great wall, some might say.” (Video: “Firebrand” podcast)

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@MeidasTouch: ENCORE: Watch tonight’s video podcast with @Marcus4Georgia, who is running for Congress in GA-14 against Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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@dhershiser: Damn @MeidasTouch! This video is straight 🔥 and shows that not all superhero’s wear capes! Jen is my shero! Please watch #PsakiBomb and share!

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