@AndrewYang: Today’s the day! You have until 9PM to cast your ballot for change. Do not miss this once in a generation opportunity. Find your polling site at . 😀🗳

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@BernieSanders: New York City needs leadership that will fight for the needs of working class families, not the financial interests of developers and the wealthy elite. It’s Election Day TODAY and polls are open until 9 PM. Go vote, NYC!

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@OurRevolution: “Democracy issues were not at the top of our members’ minds until very recently. To hear it come from the grassroots was shocking. I would have lost money if I had bet on the results.” – Joseph Geevarghese, OurRev ED #ForThePeopleAct

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@OurRevolution: “A #1 vote for me is a vote for affordability. For safety. For change, and for a better future for our kids. Polls are open until 9pm. Go vote.” – @mayawiley #MayaForMayor #NYCMayoralRace

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@AndrewYang: Last night, getting out the vote in the city that never sleeps. Two days until we make history

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@PramilaJayapal: As an organizer, I spent decades fighting for immigrant rights. I believe so strongly in this that I’ve been arrested for peaceful civil disobedience…twice.I won’t stop fighting until we pass the Dream & Promise Act and humanely reform our immigration system once and for all.

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@NABIGCongress: T-minus 3 days until #NABIG2021! Register now and make sure to check out our full event schedule:

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@c_a_nicholas: I fell into echo chambers, which happened to be progressive, and there I remained until around the Autumn of 2020. One was a place where Andrew Yang was smeared while the fear mongering about UBI swayed me away from it. Now, I’m as progressive as ever but a fan of #UBI + #Yang.

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@VP: LGBTQ Americans, I want you to know: We see you. We hear you. President Joe Biden and I will not rest until everyone has equal protection under the law. Happy #Pride.

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@JoeBiden: The COVID-19 vaccine is free, but lack of access to child care can be a barrier. That’s why four of our nation’s largest child care providers are offering free care for parents and caregivers getting vaccinated from now until July 4:

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