@FundForHumanity: Today is my 85th birthday. This is version 2.0 of my life without my beloved son but with the commitment and drive to make his vision of a human-centered world a reality, starting with Universal Basic Income.Visit to learn more about UBI & “meet” Gerald.

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@ninaturner: I’m proud to receive the backing of Congressman @tedlieu, a leader who has tirelessly stood up for bold change—fighting for LGBTQ+ equality, climate justice and universal healthcare.I look forward to joining him in Congress to fight for our Democracy and strengthen our party.

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@MathMvmt: When you give it your all & don’t succeed…It can be crushing.But no movement can be defeated that does not give up.@AndrewYang didn’t win the Mayor’s race, but Universal Basic Income & the human-centered revolution will be won.And we at the @MathMVMT will NOT give up.

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@FundForHumanity: In an America that is rend asunder by fear of the other on the one hand and identity politics on the other, the only unifying concept is Universal Basic Income which provides an economic floor for everyone, no questions asked.

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@FundForHumanity: This is America? This is the country whose sons died to liberate Europe from the fascists? This is the historical experiment that made the melting pot a reality and liberty, equality and the pursuit of happiness universal values? Wherefore art thou, American exceptionalism?

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@holmgren85: @scottsantens Upstate NY county site of experimental Universal Basic Income program

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@GravelInstitute: Incredible that 600,000 Americans died from COVID, tens of millions more lost their livelihoods, and hundreds of millions sacrificed their lives for more than a year – and absolutely nothing changed. No universal healthcare, no basic income guarantee. Nothing.

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@TheGreenParty: We are eighteen months into this pandemic and the Government is still failing to protect people.We have to make it possible for people to self isolate.Bring up levels of sick pay and bring in a universal basic income

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@SJR2022: Basic income pilots don’t have to be massive efforts led by elected leaders or large foundations.Small, micro-pilots have sprung up across the country,and I’m blessed to advocate for universal basic income as a permanent fixture. @NABIGCongress #NABIG2021

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@Mynorthwest: Should King County eventually stand up its own universal basic income program, it would represent a first-of-its-kind program operating at the county level.

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