@OurRevolution: “Despite this ill-advised and undemocratic shift to a one-county strategy by some members of the Party, we remain confident in our ability to do what we were tasked to do: elect Democrats to office in Nevada and provide thoughtful leadership on progressive issues.”

Our Revolution (@OurRevolution) / Twitter

@MikeLevin: And yet, with our democracy and national security on the line, Republicans in Washington put political motivations and, frankly, their fear of Donald Trump ahead of our national interests. It’s cowardly, it’s undemocratic, and they must be held accountable. END

Mike Levin (@asaguarocactus) / Twitter

@RoKhanna: As I said back in August—the Senate majority is not enough to deliver on our most urgent progressive priorities. Let’s end the undemocratic filibuster and pass the policies that the American people elected us to pass.

Ro Khanna (@RoKhanna) / Twitter