@thehill: Former Sec. of State Madeleine Albright on Biden-Putin summit: “Bilateral diplomacy is basically the working tool for how to deliver messages, how to really know what you’re going to say, and nobody is better at that than President Biden.”

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@RBReich: The filibuster is a tool of white supremacy.In the late 19th century, it was used to protect the pro-slavery Senate minority.The current filibuster was popularized during Jim Crow by Southern senators seeking to block civil rights legislation.It must be abolished.

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@MattHaneySF: “The movement to use guaranteed income as a tool to fight poverty gained more ground in SF, where The City is poised to roll out a new pilot program to put cash directly in the hands of low-income, transgender residents.” More to come! @MichaelDTubbs

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@PramilaJayapal: Let’s be clear: the filibuster is a tool of voter suppression. It was used to block civil rights. It protected Jim Crow.Now, it’s being used now to block the voting reforms our democracy desperately needs.It’s time to get rid of it and protect the fundamental right to vote.

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@RBReich: Actually Senator, the filibuster was created by segregationists as a tool to prevent civil rights laws from being passed.

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@RBReich: 6 reasons to abolish the filibuster: 1) It is a relic of Jim Crow2) It is anti-democratic3) It has become a tool of Mitch McConnell4) It doesn’t promote bipartisanship5) It blocks investment in America6) It erodes faith in our democracy Abolish it. Now.

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@thehill: Republicans defy mask rules on House floor: Masks are “nothing but a political tool”

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@RBReich: The same Republicans who are now crying about the deficit are the same people who voted for $2T in tax cuts for the wealth and corporations. Don’t be fooled. The deficit is political tool used by Republicans to block laws that benefit the American people.

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@OurRevolution: The filibuster is an outdated Senate tool that gives veto power to a fraction of senators representing as little as 11% of the American population. We cannot allow it to continue standing in the way of progress & a functioning democracy. #EndTheFilibuster @SenJeffMerkley

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