@karrilevens: What a beautiful morning! God is amazing! I hope everyone has a wonderful day! ✌I’m currently checking the MLB morning schedule… I think I’ll watch the @Rockies at @Reds!BTW…this is an old photo I took but I just love the view!

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@VP: Since our Administration took office, we have created a historic 2 million jobs. More than any administration in modern history during the first four months. That’s progress.

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@karrilevens: Could of went into acting but I’m glad I didn’t. I was told if I took acting classes I could have been on Nickelodeon.

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@RBReich: The big picture: (1) Between 1946-1979 we became more equal, (2) then took a giant U-turn toward inequality, (3) culminating in the 2008 financial crisis that exposed the rigged game, (4) resulting in a populist backlash that gave us Donald Trump, (5) so the real choice ahead …

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@DrPnygard: #HenryFord took his first automobile for a test drive OTD in 1896. While he worked for another inventor, Ford tinkered after-hours on an ethanol-powered 4-wheeled vehicle he dubbed the #Quadricycle. Brakes were not included, but the vehicle’s top speed was only 20 miles per hour.

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@POTUS: Unemployment claims are down 50% and 64% of adults are vaccinated since I took office. That’s progress.

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@danileis: Before @AndrewYang arrived on the scene, I took most journalists at their word. Now, I see their bias, unconscious or otherwise, on full display. Journalists admire Murrow, so I’d like to reiterate the ethics that undergirded his work. “To be credible, we must be truthful.”

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@JenAFifield: Morning! I’m your pool reporter today. I took some time away this weekend so I’m trying to get all caught up and will report back soon! #azauditpool

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