@pjmcginnis: Look who we just ran into! Make sure to rank @AndrewYang first when early voting starts tomorrow. Don’t miss out – voting #FOMO is a thing 😛

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@JoeBiden: The pandemic exposed just how badly we need to invest in the foundation of our country, and in the working people of our country. That’s why we proposed the American Jobs Plan—we need to make generational investments today to succeed tomorrow.

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@OurRevolution: Senator @MarkWarner is 1 of only 3 Democrats who does NOT support the PRO Act – the most progressive labor legislation on the verge of becoming law since the 1930s.Join us TOMORROW, June 12, as we demand that @MarkWarnerVA co-sponsor the #PROAct.RSVP:

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@MeidasTouch: Tomorrow, NYU Professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat breaks down the fascist threat of the GQP and tells us what we need to do to preserve democracy. Subscribe now for free:

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@MeidasTouchPod: Tomorrow on the pod!Historian and author of ‘Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present’ @ruthbenghiat joins the show to discuss the ever present threat of fascism in America—and how we can stop it.Subscribe now for free anywhere you get podcasts:

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@sharon_houston: @MeidasTouch podcast today with @stuartpstevens was… well, I’m gonna have nightmares tonight but I’m still glad I listened and will probably re-listen tomorrow.

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@AndrewYang: NYC voters – this is important. Early voting is coming up quick and we need your help to protect the vote and be a resource for voters. Sign up for one of our poll watching training sessions today and we’ll see you at the polls soon! First one is tomorrow!

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@karrilevens: So then, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own.

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@JoeBiden: Now is the time to build on the foundation we’ve laid. Because while the progress we’ve made is undeniable, it is not assured. That’s why we need the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan—let’s make those investments today to be able to continue to succeed tomorrow.

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@AndrewYang: Join Team Yang tomorrow night at 6:30PM ET for a virtual Debate Watch Party! Rally online with our all-star supporters during tomorrow night’s mayoral debate. RSVP at 😀

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