@scottsantens: If Mark Johnson were to endorse Universal Basic Income today, we could eradicate poverty before tomorrow. That is the power of Mark Johnson.

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@RoKhanna: Today marks 26 years since the #OklahomaCityBombing, which killed 168 people.Domestic terrorism is still one of our nation’s biggest challenges. This anniversary is a reminder of the danger still posed by white supremacy and far-right extremism.

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@CleoGoodman: We are so chuffed about the response to the #BasicIncomeConversation Toolkit! We launched it just 3 weeks ago & we’re only a few away from 1,000 downloads. Give it a share today so we can hit 1,000 downloads & get more people talking about #BasicIncome

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@POTUS: As of today, every American is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. For yourself, your neighbors, and your family — please, get your vaccine.

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@karrilevens: Delivering mail on this beautiful Saturday and the mail is real light today. Its going to be a nice easy day! ✌

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@RoKhanna: Today marks D.C. Emancipation Day. As we honor the more than 3,000 slaves freed in D.C., it’s important to remember that our work continues over 159 years later.Representation is essential to freedom. Let’s keep fighting for #DCStatehood.

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@GiffordsCourage: Today, while we mourn with Indianapolis, we also remember the 32 students and educators shot and killed 14 years ago today at Virginia Tech.No major federal gun law has been passed since then. Our hearts are with their loved ones as we recommit to the fight to #EndGunViolence.

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@azfamily: Is Robert Fisher dead or alive? Today marks exactly 20 years since he allegedly murdered his entire family in Scottsdale, then disappeared. Why this cold case continues to haunt Arizonans.

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@Yamiche: Pres Biden is defending expanding the definition of infrastructure. He notes trains & highways weren’t always seen as infrastructure. “The idea of infrastructure has always evolved to meet the aspirations of the American people and their needs. And it is evolving again today.”

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@OfficialMLK3: 53 years ago today, my father was taken from this world. 💔I was only 10 years old when my father was killed, but at the time of his funeral, I fully realized the impact and importance of what my father was trying to do. Create a world of freedom, justice & equality for all. ❤️

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