@scottsantens: Why offer higher wages when you can get more child labor?This seems like an appropriate time to once again remind everyone that our economy runs on fear, and that there’s a much better way of running things.

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@Fwd_Party: Is it time for #UniversalBasicIncome ?Here at #ForwardParty we say Yes! ON 🔊

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@RoKhanna: Enough is enough. Protection of our democracy must be the highest priority in Washington—we can’t let a legislative loophole stand in the way.It’s time to get rid of the filibuster, do our jobs, and pass the Freedom to Vote Act.

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@brikeilarcnn: President Biden convinced progressives it’s time to accept a lower price tag for the social safety net bill. But progressive and moderate Dems are still not in agreement on climate change provisions. House Progressive Caucus Deputy Whip Ro Khanna joined us on @NewDay

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@AndrewYang: David Shor: “We have an election system that makes it basically impossible for Dems’ current coalition to ever wield legislative power. [Dems] need to get 54% of the popular vote – which we did not even accomplish this time – for multiple cycles in a row . . to really pass laws.”

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@CNN: Comedian Jon Stewart sounds a note of hope amid a divisive political landscape telling @jaketapper, “we still have time” to save US democracy.He adds, however, that we are seeing, “unfortunately, the messiness of democracy is oftentimes one of its greatest weak points.”

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@GeoffreySupran: This is (apparently) really happening folks. For the first time in history, CEOs of Big Oil will testify to US Congress about their multi-decade disinformation campaign to mislead the public about the climate crisis. H/t @maxinejoselow for the scoop. 1/n

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@RoKhanna: .⁦@PaulBegala⁩ nails it: “Pass the damn bills.” Biden’s agenda is popular with 90 percent in polarized times yet our infighting is getting the headlines. Enough. Time to come together. Let us follow ⁦@POTUS⁩ & deliver for the American people.

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