@mehdirhasan: One thing I’ll never get over in this country is how some folks – who tend to be white – can walk about in combat gear carrying long guns, perfectly legally, but non-white folks can be shot while the cops who shot them, and their supporters, argue if there was a gun *nearby* 🤔

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@scottsantens: The chair of the Fed is talking about including the homeless in policymaking. Ask them what would be most helpful to them and don’t act surprised when they say “money.”Let’s get the Fed the ability to get money directly to everyone each and every month.

The Lincoln Project (@busybid) / Twitter

@BernieSanders: Workers are not simply cogs in a machine. They are not robots. They are human beings who should have some say about what happens to them during the workday.

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@ASaguaroCactus: “When you know someone’s true colors, it changes your whole perspective on what you thought of them. It’s very disappointing and disheartening.” – A Friend

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@CeciliaOberhol2: I just emailed my MP and asked them to support Bill #C273, Canada’s first ever #BasicIncome bill. This bill would force our government to create a national strategy for a Guaranteed Basic Income. Will you join me? #ubiworks

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@scottsantens: It’s helpful to read anti-UBI opinions like this to understand why the new monthly child benefit is such a big deal and should be made permanent. The checks are visible. Parents will know they’re getting them unlike an invisible tax subsidy. That’s a great thing and builds trust.

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@scottsantens: The fact that everyone receiving unemployment checks is getting a $300/week boost right now provides a unique opportunity to test UBI. An experiment could take a group of them and maintain the $1200/mo for those finding employment while the control group loses it with employment.

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@RoKhanna: I really like @AndrewYang. But whatever your political ideology, it’s a matter of fact that @VP is the most prominent Asian American figure and @SenDuckworth @RepJudyChu and @RepJayapal are having a major national impact. Let’s give them the respect they deserve.

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@BusyBid: “Those who get upset for being treated the way that they treat others, will never understand why others treat them the way that they treat others.” – David J Martinez

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@HumanityForward: American consumers will lead us out of this economic catastrophe.We only need to send them a check each month.

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