@NiskanenCenter: As Dems debate over what to include in reconciliation, @EricPatashnik and Stuart Kasdin examine how the design of programs could impact their longevity. @MattGrossmann’s #ScienceofPolitics podcast.

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@deepstateradio: On a very special episode @RoKhanna joined @djrothkopf, @ThePlumLineGS, and @kavitapmd to discuss his meeting in the White House on infrastructure and the need for an aspiration Democratic Party. Listen to their discussion here:

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@scottsantens: One thing I’d add to this analysis by @MattBruenig is to emphasize just how important it is to enable parents the option to care for their own kids. That reduces demand for paid care, lowering prices for everyone. CTC helps with this. UBI would even more.

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@FundForHumanity: The Nobel Prize in economics this year went to three men who used natural experiments to prove their theory that raising minimum wages doesn’t result in unemployment. This revolutionary methodology is an opportunity to study how efficient cash transfers are and a path to UBI.

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@scottsantens: Stop giving money to government middlemen to disburse at their discretion. Just get money to people directly.

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@GiveDirectly: With ~200K people reached, #Project100 COVID-19 response is the largest privately-funded cash aid program in U.S. history. Last week, we sent the final batch of one-time $1,000 payments. Here’s how some folks used their funds: (1/7)

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@AlexanderMcCoy4: Lots of talk right now about Joe Manchin.My experience is that the most effective way to pressure Joe Manchin is to put actual West Virginians in front of him expressing their material needs & setting an expectation that he will meet them.

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@RoKhanna: When you have mass resignations and a wave of strikes, the story should be clear: workers realize what their work is worth.We can start fixing it by paying a living wage.

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@thehill: .@chicagosmayor Lightfoot on Biden’s health mandate: “I’m confident that the vast majority of officers […] are gonna honor their oath and obligation, and their obligation is to do the right thing, to show up, to protect our residents and keep us safe.”

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