@novelidea14: We will never know the true number of lives nurses have saved during covid. But history will remember that they stayed at their posts, scarred faces from masks, exhausted but resilient. And that they never abandoned us. On this first day of #NursesWeek Thank You All👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️💜

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@OurRevolution: “Middle-class Americans have been borrowing against their futures on the promise that a college education will give their families the safety & security they need to thrive. We now know that student loan debt does just the opposite.” #CancelStudentDebt

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dpakman: I’d respect a lot of these right wingers way more if they just completely copped to their mistake. say you were wrong, that your support of Trump damaged the country, and that there’s simply no ifs ands or buts nor excuses. The mealy-mouthed hedging is worthless

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@MeidasTouch: @VotersTomorrow is an organization made by students, for students, to prepare the students of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. Consider supporting their efforts by giving them a follow!

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@NASA: Let’s give NASA’s @SpaceX Crew-1 astronauts a hand!👏 Welcome home. In the most fitting fashion, their mission, which certified the return of astronaut launches from the U.S., ended with an equally historic nighttime splashdown at 2:56am ET (06:56 UT):

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@AndrewYang: One way we can get our city moving again is by assessing vacant lots at their true market value rather than at a much lower value – this would spur owners of vacant lots to develop them and generate millions in revenue for the city. Thanks @cmenchaca 👍

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@VP: During the pandemic, nurses have worked tirelessly to protect and save lives. They have risked their own lives to keep us healthy and safe. Thank you is not enough. We must always fight and advocate for America’s nurses. #NationalNursesDay

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@DanCBarr: When faced with people who are secretive, confused and downright hostile and abusive to them, Arizona journalists have done critically important work for our democracy the last few weeks in exposing and explaining what is going on at the Coliseum. Thank them for their great work.

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@swimmerbr78: Add ‘bringing back firing squads’ and ‘allowing rapists to sue their victims if they get an abortion’ to this list:

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@BernieSanders: My message to the workers of this country is this: you do not have to work for starvation wages. You do not have to work in unsafe working conditions. You have the right to have dignity. The power rests with people who get together, who organize, and stand up for their rights.

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