@MeidasTouch: Thanks to you our Vaxxed and Relaxed gear is a huge hit! For those asking, you can get yours here:

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@AndrewYang: One way we can get our city moving again is by assessing vacant lots at their true market value rather than at a much lower value – this would spur owners of vacant lots to develop them and generate millions in revenue for the city. Thanks @cmenchaca 👍

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@AndrewYang: Spicy chicken bowl from Yumpling – Taiwanese restaurant in Long Island City thanks guys!

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@POTUS: If we want our economy to recover in a way that deals everyone in, then our restaurants need a seat at the table — with the American Rescue Plan, they have it. Thanks to our new Restaurant Revitalization Fund, we’ll be able to help about 100,000 restaurants.

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@RoKhanna: Every year, the federal government supports the production of fossil fuels by more than $15 billion, thanks in large part to Big Oil lobbyists that influence politicians to prop up the industry.Add your name to demand an end to fossil fuel subsidies:

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@Alyssa_Milano: Thanks @joebiden @teachcardona for appointing @richcordray to lead FSA. Together we can #cancelstudentdebt and rebuild a just higher ed system.

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@AndrewYang: Shoutout to our amazing volunteers in Sunset Park this week – Linda, Rafa, Chris, Jai, Elizabeth, Abdul, Trevor, and City Council Member @cmenchaca – you made it happen! Special thanks to Linda who helped organize the event and recruited volunteers to come together! 😀

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@AndrewYang: Look at the team in Sunset Park today getting the word out that early voting starts in 6 weeks! You can join them here – thanks @cmenchaca!!

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