@AndrewYang: Thank you all for making this happen – the most donors ever in a NYC mayoral race. We just made history! And we can make history again TOMORROW when you #RankYang on Election Day.

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@AndrewYang: Thank you Upper East Siders for all the love this morning! I can tell good things are coming for our city. Get out and vote today to make your voice heard. Find your polling location: 😀

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@karrilevens: @suncities4paws Found this kitten while I was working today. Thank you 4 Paws in Peoria, Arizona for taking her! Donate now to help our cats! #cats #CatsOfTwitter #CatsOnTwitter

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@FundForHumanity: There seems to be a misunderstanding about my birthday posting. The reason my life changed drastically is because my late son Gerald succumbed to pancreatic cancer in November 2018. I founded the @fundforhumanity in his memory. Thank you all for your good wishes.

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@AndrewYang: Thank you to everyone who supported me and Evelyn in the campaign to help New York! Love to you all. It was truly a people-powered campaign that broke records along the way. Thanks for making history alongside us. There’s a long road ahead and I am looking forward. 👍🙏🚀

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@AndrewYang: Thank you @RLEspinal for joining me to get out the vote at Broadway Junction! Voting ends at 9PM TONIGHT so go make your voice heard before it’s too late. Find out where to vote at ! Let’s go, NYC – we got this! 😀🗳

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@pttrn_ntgrty: You know who else betrayed America? @FoxNews did. Thank you @11thHour & @BWilliams for coming through.Well done @MeidasTouch, bravo!

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