@briflys: I read the manuscript, but the hard copy is even better. Thank you ⁦@AndrewYang⁩ for making as much sense as ever with the way you help us see things. And it was fun to relive that LA rally in the opening pages…😂 Pick up this book!

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@TyrenePamstein: Congrats and thank you @AndrewYang (and @scottsantens).😊 This is now officially part of our school curriculum. Promo by @MiniYang2050. 😄

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@MikiLilMo: Thank you @AndrewYang for sending me Forward! ✊I must confess, I was too eager and I went straight to the last chapter but I am looking forward to reading it from cover to cover. Also thank you so much @scottsantens#YangGang 🧢💙 #Forward #UBI

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@BridgetFlynn921: Thank you very much for the advanced copy of the book, ⁦@AndrewYang⁩ and ⁦@scottsantens⁩. I am honored to receive it! I can’t wait to read it, and I can’t wait to get it signed at the #Chicago stop of the book tour. #YangGang

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@thezigpc: Thank you @AndrewYang and @scottsantens for sending me a copy of #Forward. I am already digging in and it’s fantastic! To everyone else, be sure you pick up your copy on October 5th, you’ll be glad you did.

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@J212_87: So extremely excited to read #Forward. Thank you @scottsantens and especially thank you @AndrewYang. I do have to admit I’m feeling rather pessimistic, especially looking at what kind of future my children are going to inherit – I sincerely hope there IS something we can do.

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@VP: Thank you, Hampton University for welcoming me to your home by the sea today. This HBCU grad was happy to celebrate #HBCUWeek with you!

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