@FundForHumanity: Excellent article about how the pandemic has upended the nature of work: and the way we think about it. We have to stop tying our humanity to what we do rather than who we are and we need UBI to help us in the transition.

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@katestarbird: “… FB research … in 2019 … found that misinformation shared by politicians was more damaging than that coming from ordinary users. Yet the company maintained a policy that year that explicitly allowed political leaders to lie without facing the possibility of fact checks.”

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@scottsantens: Basic income is money, but it’s so much more than money. It’s what that money enables, and the security in knowing it will always be there, especially when the lack of money is preventing you from your goals, and the fears born from insecurity are preventing you from even trying.

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@scottsantens: Seriously though, voter fraud does not exist to any extent worth restricting the ability of registered voters to vote in a way that we know with 100% certainty would have a far greater impact on reducing valid votes than fraudulent ones.Pass the Freedom to Vote Act!

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@scottsantens: A Universal Basic Income trial appears to be coming to Ireland even sooner than expected.

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@alaynatreene: Progressives have long thought Sinema is the bigger threat to a final deal than Manchin. We’re seeing that play out nowOur story from last month:

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@RoKhanna: Please join to hear what is actually in the bill! For less than 2 percent of our GDP, we can deliver universal pre-school, childcare, dental, vision and hearing for seniors, green jobs, paid family leave, and a child tax credit.

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@RoKhanna: We spend nearly $20 billion every year in oil & gas subsidies, and $720 billion (and rising) every year on the defense budget. How then is $350 billion per year to help working Americans get by, and to save our planet, too much? It’s less than 2% of our GDP.

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@RoKhanna: Banks are seeing their wealth management business boom, while middle- and lower-income families have been more likely to see their incomes cut than raised.We need to pass both bills and focus on improving life for working people.

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