@BernieSanders: We think the billionaire class should start paying its fair share of taxes. McConnell wants to give even more tax breaks to the very richest Americans and large corporations.

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@BernieSanders: No, I do not stay up at night worrying about the 1% and the billionaire class. It is time for the wealthy and large corporations to start paying their fair share of taxes so we can rebuild this country.

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@RoKhanna: DC pays more in federal taxes than:AlabamaKansasNebraskaIowaUtahNevadaDelawareRhode IslandNew HampshireIdahoMississippiNew MexicoHawaiiMaineSouth DakotaWest VirginiaNorth DakotaMontanaAlaskaWyomingVermontBut DC residents have 0 say in how that $$ is spent.

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@RBReich: Pay no attention to the wailing you’re hearing from the Street. Biden’s upcoming proposal to raise capital gains taxes on those earning $1 million+ would affect only richest 0.32% of Americans, whose capital gains (mostly shares of stock) have soared over the last decade.

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@RoKhanna: 55 of America’s largest corporations paid no taxes last year—a collective total of $8.5 billion owed. Even worse: many received millions of dollars in tax rebates.Enough is enough. Let’s fix the IRS and ensure corporations pay their fair share.

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@joncoopertweets: Democrats in Congress should repeal the limit on deductions for state and local taxes, which was a feature of the tax law that Republicans passed in 2017. The limit is unfair, and it hurts middle class taxpayers in many blue states from New York to California.

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@SenSanders: In this country, there is an understanding that the level of income and wealth inequality we have now is unsustainable and immoral. The time is long overdue to demand the wealthiest people and the largest corporations in America start paying their share of federal income taxes.

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@RBReich: If you paid just $1 in federal taxes in 2020, you paid more than FedEx, Michaels, Nike, Salesforce, and 51 other massive corporations.Seems fair, right?

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@BernieSanders: Cost to consumers:Nike Air Max 270s: $150Dish Network basic package: $64.99FedEx “large” box delivery: $20.00Zoom Pro monthly membership: $14.99Federal income taxes paid in 2020:Nike: $0Dish Network: $0FedEx: $0Zoom: $0Yes. We must end our rigged tax code.

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@BernieSanders: We can no longer tolerate a rigged system that allows FedEx to pay nothing in federal income taxes for 3 straight years after making billions in profits while forcing the Postal Service to pre-fund retiree benefits 75 years into the future for workers who haven’t even been born.

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