@scottsantens: “It gave me breathing room where there just wasn’t any… I felt like I was going to be okay,” said Ayesha Bogart of the monthly CTC. She’s a disabled veteran and mother of three who also takes care of her mother full-time without pay.

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@karrilevens: When you give all your problems and troubles to Jesus, that’s when Jesus takes control and Jesus cannot be silenced.

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@dpakman: Giannis’ entire free throw routine is absurd. Takes forever and forces ref to hold ball during his pantomime and they don’t seem to count that against his 10 seconds. Many such cases. Really a shame.

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@stevemorris__: One data point on why it takes a member of Congress for members of Congress to get something like this: Katie Porter is, per public reports, one of four single parents in Congress (0.75%) The number of single parents in the US, per Census data: 10.8M/63.1M (17%)

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@broadbent: One thing not rising to match inflation? Wages. A basic income guarantee would help workers catch up without causing more inflation. Our report, Basic Income Guarantee, takes a look at how to make that happen. #CDNecon #CDNpoli #BasicIncome

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@FundForHumanity: It’s easy to talk about what ought to be. It’s much harder to make it happen in a politically divided society like ours. I’m proposing an interest free repayment plan comfortably calibrated to each person’s income until the principal is repaid however long that takes.

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@yishan: I’ve now been asked multiple times for my take on Elon’s offer for Twitter.So fine, this is what I think about that. I will assume the takeover succeeds, and he takes Twitter private. (I have little knowledge/insight into how actual takeover battles work or play out)(long 🧵)

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@FundForHumanity: This is outrageous and offensive on several levels but for so-called patriots to insert the American flag (shades of Kaepernick) between F- -K takes the cake.

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