@OurRevolution: “The American people put Democrats in charge because they’re tired of Washington not working for them. We have no choice but to take bold action to tackle the problems that keep folks up at night — and that starts with eliminating the filibuster.”

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@EricG1247: “650 billionaires in America saw their net worth increase by more than $1 trillion”It would take the 1 million US workers making minimum wage combined over 66 years to make what 650 people made during 1 year while in a pandemic.

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@thehill: Biden to take public relations blitz touting coronavirus, infrastructure packages to Louisiana

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@BernieSanders: Let’s bring the world together and take on the existential threat of climate change.

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@dpakman: I agree with the coming changes to outdoor masking which appears totally unnecessary, but why tell others to take it off any more than you’d tell someone to take off a winter hat in summer, if that’s what they want to wear?

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@atrupar: Rudy Giuliani tells Tucker Carlson that he offered FBI agents Hunter Biden’s hard drives while they raided his residence, but they wouldn’t take them

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@RoKhanna: “I don’t pay attention to what he says anymore. He’s not taken seriously by people in Congress, both Democrats and Republicans…I used to take him seriously as a Senator until he sabotaged himself.”

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@BernieSanders: Here’s the truth: the pharmaceutical industry in the United States has never lost a political struggle. They can charge the American people any price they want, any day of the week — that has got to end. Congress must finally have the guts to take on the pharmaceutical industry.

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@scottsantens: Ending cancer is a great goal to work towards, but that’s going to take some decades. Another big goal that is within our power is ending poverty, and we can do that immediately with the stroke of a pen.Let’s invest in everyone with universal basic income.#PresidentialAddress

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@scottsantens: Watching this is a brutal experience. It’s an exercise in empathy. Take the two hours to understand how Covid has impacted humans all over the world.I also just can’t understand watching something like this and still thinking, “Nah, screw the vaccine.”

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