dpakman: The same people who for years have claimed businesses should be less regulated now think a business shouldn’t be able to not host/not support an app with this kind of violent rhetoric on it. That sounds heavy handed, doesn’t it?

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@AndrewYang: It’s true – our merch now ships nationally! Show your support for our movement today by chipping in to get yours at 😀

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dpakman: I’d respect a lot of these right wingers way more if they just completely copped to their mistake. say you were wrong, that your support of Trump damaged the country, and that there’s simply no ifs ands or buts nor excuses. The mealy-mouthed hedging is worthless

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@UBILabNetwork: 🚨 Tomorrow could be the biggest day for Basic Income the UK has ever seen.🙋 For the first time ever, hundreds of candidates have promised to support UBI pilots if elected.👇 A short thread on the #PledgeForUBI.

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@VP: .@SecRaimondo and I met with women small business owners in Providence, RI. Small businesses employ nearly half of America’s private sector workers – they’re the fabric of our communities. That’s why our Administration is taking action to support small businesses.

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@AndrewYang: I support a caregiver tax credit because caregivers are doing some of the most vital and important work. It’s the least we can do to support families – and it will help alleviate a financial burden for so many New Yorkers. 👍

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@AndrewYang: Thank you to the Chinese-American community for coming out to support me and @gigifornyc – let’s get our city going again for everyone. 👍🗽❤️

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@AndrewYang: If you’re looking for a couple NYC city council candidates to support check out @gigifornyc in District 1 (Chinatown) and @WilliamAllenNYC in District 9 (Harlem)! I’ve endorsed them both and would love to work with them to make great things happen for New York! 👍🗽🚀

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@thehill: “SNL” star comes out in support of Elon Musk’s controversial appearance on show

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@BernieSanders: Larry Krasner’s grassroots campaign in 2017 for District Attorney of Philadelphia sparked a wave of progressive criminal justice reform across the country. He’s a fighter for the people and is successfully taking on a broken & corrupt system. I’m proud to support his re-election.

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