@scottsantens: Sitting member of Congress representing Iowa shares a clearly satirical article from an Onion-inspired website as if it’s true, and 4 days later she still hasn’t deleted it. How difficult is it to tell that a story including an interview with Army veteran Bigolballs is fake?

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@meiselasb: Humbled every time I hear a story like this. If you are reading this, know that you too — yes YOU — can be the difference that saves our democracy. I know it can get exhausting, BUT stay positive and keep talking with friends, family, co-workers, etc, and help spread the TRUTH.

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@perrybaconjr: This is useful context. The “reconciliation” bill is $3.5 trillion OVER 10 YEARS, which should be included in every story. So about $350 billion a year–about $1000 in spending per person.

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@douglaswburns: Proud of my friend and former @carrollspaper intern Nik Heftman for developing this moving story in his producing role at @CBSMornings – great work by full CBS teamAfrican American woman who led a grunge forerunner gets her moment of lo… via @YouTube

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@RoKhanna: Drove down 95 to see my parents in Bucks County. We watched the Eagles & Indian test cricket; ate cheesesteaks & soojay pooras. Father is a harrowing film to watch with older parents. Minari makes you believe that the immigrant story can triumph in small towns across our nation.

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@RoKhanna: My heart goes out to the victims of the floods in Tennessee. As a Dad, the story of the two babies being taken from the arms of their father is heart wrenching. I will support whatever is needed to help the community and Tennessee in this difficult period.

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@KremlinFile: Episode 3 is an absolute banger. A conversation with @Billbrowder, the accidental activist, whose story reminds us “When things go bad in Russia, they usually go bad in a big way.” @ActMeasuresDoc @MeidasTouch Listen and subscribe here:

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