@WSJPolitics: Pandemic aid kept millions of Americans out of poverty last year, new Census Bureau data show. Without the first two rounds of stimulus checks, 11.7 million more people would have fallen beneath the poverty line.

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@ubi_works: Basic Income activists in Peterborough, ON printed out #BasicIncomeNow lawn signs to help push basic income in their riding’s election!Get the designs here, let’s show ’em!💪 #cdnpoli

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@MeidasTouch: Grateful for our sponsor @Policygenius for making this show possible! Compare insurance quotes for free at and save money tonight! Tell them Legal AF podcast sent you!

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@nowhannahwon: Data from basic income pilots show that recipients were able to afford costs associated with finding and keeping a job like transportation, work clothes, and childcare.Most significantly, people had the financial capacity to take time off to interview for better jobs.#UBI

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@ReallyAmerican1: The Texas abortion law is really an anti poor woman law. Rich Republicans get their mistresses abortions while forcing poor woman into birth.RT to show how #TexasHatesPoorPeopleVideo by @ReallyAmerican1 host @ChipFranklin

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@AndrewYang: Asked someone to recommend the last show they binged on streaming. They opened with “I wouldn’t call it ‘good,’ but . . . “

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@income_movement: At this year’s Basic Income March, let’s make it clear: we are the economy, so recovery must start with us! Join us on September 25th as we show the world that the time for basic income is now: #WeAreTheEconomy #BasicIncomeMarch2021

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@OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: Newly released polls show Governor Gregg Abbott’s re-election chances in BIG jeopardy. They found that 50% of Texas voters “disapprove” of his performance, and a majority think his handling of COVID has been disastrous. RT IF YOU THINK TEXAS SHOULD DUMP ABBOTT IN 2022!

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