@dpakman: Now Republicans are fighting with each other over which mail-in votes should be counted in the Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary

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@scottsantens: Dasani is trending so here’s a thought. We should charge companies a small fee for every gallon of water they pump out of the ground, package in plastic, and sell back to us. And that fee should be returned to everyone universally.Who truly owns water?

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@thehill: Hungarian prime minister says shows like Tucker Carlson’s should be broadcast “24/7”

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@AndrewYang: Anyone who wants to move on from the two-party system should be working together to change the game. It’s not the people in the seats it’s how the seats are selected and arranged and the incentives that fall on those who win.

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@SenWarren: The American people support canceling student debt, even those who don’t have loans. One of the reasons? There’s scarcely a working person in America who doesn’t have a friend, family member, or coworker weighed down by this burden. @POTUS should #CancelStudentDebt.

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@RoKhanna: Spoke to laborers in my district who are providing 37 scholarships for members’ kids going to college. Almost every hand went up when I said we should have free college & forgive student loans. Beltway types forget that working class families often have big dreams for their kids.

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@scottsantens: A new report commissioned and released by the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM) has recommended that India should launch a job guarantee program for the urban unemployed and also roll out a universal basic income nationwide.

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@scottsantens: If the intent is permanence, they really should be exploring phasedown rates, to compare say 5% to 10% to 20% to 50% to 100% for example, to see how it impacts recipients, instead of just looking at cash impacts like most everyone else.Permanence means taxes. Test some rates.

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@scottsantens: “Should the U.S. implement a carbon price with a border adjustment, it would provide a strong incentive for nations doing trade with the U.S. — just about everyone — to price carbon, thereby reducing fossil fuel use around the world.”We need to do this.

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