@OurRevolution: This summer is the last best shot to get @POTUS & Congressional Democrats to deliver on #OurRevolution’s priorities: Protecting voting rights, expanding Medicare & lowering drug prices, protecting the climate, taxing the rich, & labor reform.

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@LouisianaGov: Since launching at noon, 160,376 Louisianans have registered at . Get vaccinated, get registered & take your shot at a million dollars. #lagov #SleevesUp

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@PramilaJayapal: 38 people were shot and 6 people killed in a 6 HOUR span last weekend. We’ve already had 270 mass shootings & 8,700 people killed by gun violence in 2021.Enough is ENOUGH. During Gun Violence Prevention Month, we MUST end the filibuster & pass the common sense reforms we need.

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@POTUS: Folks, the Delta variant — a highly infectious COVID-19 strain — is spreading rapidly among young people between 12 and 20 years old in the U.K. If you’re young and haven’t gotten your shot yet, it really is time. It’s the best way to protect yourself and those you love.

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@OurRevolution: This summer is the last best shot for us to advance our priorities & our members are demanding that @POTUS & Congress deliver on 5 bold promises they ran on in 2020. First step, end the filibuster. #OrganizeToWin

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@OurRevolution: “In this moment, the best shot for progressives to capture City Hall is to unite around @mayawiley’s campaign. Progressives should be pragmatic in this moment & the competence of her campaign is something that progressives should double down on.” – Joseph Geevarghese, OurRev ED

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@VP: Let’s ensure that by July 4th, 70% of adults have received at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. It will take all of us to meet this ambitious goal. #WeCanDoThis

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@VP: 60% of American adults have received at least one shot. This is progress. If you haven’t gotten yours, it’s time to roll up your sleeve and get vaccinated.

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