@thehill: .@RepRoKhanna: “You have 48 Senators out of 50 who are for the president’s agenda. You have about 210 members of the House who are for the president’s agenda. You’re looking at two Senators and eight House members who are holding everything up.”

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@citizensclimate: This is why it’s crucial that our leaders hear from tens of thousands of everyday Americans about the need for bold climate action.Go to to tell @POTUS and your Senators that you want a #PriceOnPollution!

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@OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: The Arizona Republican Senators who ordered the phony Maricopa County “audit” launch a MASSIVE coverup, refusing a judge’s order to turn over 2,902 emails & texts between them and the “Cyber Ninja” firm they hired to run it. RT IF YOU THINK THE JUDGE MUST LOCK THEM UP!

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@scottsantens: If Democrats included voting rights in reconciliation, the VP could overrule the parliamentarian, then 50 senators could sustain Harris’s ruling and pass voting rights, without ever having to vote to alter the filibuster itself.This is an interesting strategy.

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@joncoopertweets: Democracy will die if strong voting rights legislation is not passed urgently. It’s that stark. The filibuster was a tool for segregationists. It’s time for Biden & Schumer to play hardball with Dem senators whose filibuster fantasies will enable fascism.

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@RBReich: When Chuck Schumer announced senators might need to stick around to vote on must-pass bills like the For the People Act and the COVID-19 recovery package, @SenatorSinema said no, she had vacation plans.Dems have to fight for the people even if that intrudes on their vacations.

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@VP: Thank you to those Republican and Democratic Senators who came together to reach this agreement.

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@EhresmanKatya: My favorite events to host are the ones that bully @tedcruz!!!!!Stop what you’re doing right now and text “Democracy” to 33339 and make a plan to call your senators every day & tell them to pass the #ForThePeopleAct!

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@SantitaJ: As Biden Dodges Issue, Progressives Urge Dem Senators to ‘Repeal the Filibuster’ @RoKhanna on #SantitaJacksonShow| M-F: 6-8aC/7-9aE|773.763.WCPT/9278| @AM950Radio @WCPT820| #FacebookLive: #SantitaJacksonAndFriends| @YouTube; .@RevJJackson

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