@Rob_Richie: I’m quoted in @KnowableMag profile of the great progress for ranked choice voting in the USA — on my optimism for RCV becoming the norm & “I’ve seen candidates walk past a yard sign for their opponent and knock on the door to talk to someone anyway.”

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@scottsantens: “Dunkin’ contends the digitized effort streamlines their ordering process, but does not reduce labor costs.”They always love saying this. It should be seen as a good thing to reduce human labor. But nope. Automation has to come with a label that says “Not Intended for Leisure.”

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@scottsantens: “You are only rarely ill but you know the NHS will be there for you when you need it [because it’s universal]. Means-tested benefits are seen as ‘not for me, but for other people’, so they are easy to dismiss as unnecessary.”Universality > Targeting

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@MeidasTouch: We have never seen so much passion as we have in the past 24 hours, both online and in private conversations. The GQP just awoke a monster. They’ve unleashed a coalition of Democrats, independents, and yes, even some Republicans, who will make them regret this moment forever.

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@funder: TRUTH: DNC Chair @harrisonjaime calls Kevin McCarthy a criminal and the worst leader he has ever seen walking the face of the earth—via @MeidasTouch

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@dpakman: When people say they’ve “done their research,” have you actually seen what it looks like when they’re “researching?”

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@scottsantens: I’ve seen teachers talking about this too, and how they’re already observing a marked increase in parents buying school supplies for their kids.

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