@scottsantens: It’s headlines like this that will ultimately lead to countries around the world adopting UBI.

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@scottsantens: The universality of UBI is an integral element of what makes it such a powerful idea, and those whose goal it is to reduce inequality shouldn’t be turned off by its universality, but should instead embrace UBI as being far more effective than means-testing at reducing inequality.

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@FundForHumanity: Today would have been my late son Gerald Huff’s 57th birthday. Read his friend @scottsantens’ elegy: @PeterDiamandis @theUBIguy @nataliefoster @dr_pugh

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@scottsantens: The basic income movement in Switzerland is launching their second attempt to pass UBI by citizen referendum. They will begin by getting 5k signature gatherers onboard to gather the necessary signatures.With 5 years to reconsider voting no, will Swiss voters pass UBI this time?

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@scottsantens: Another personal story making clear why the US needs both universal healthcare and unconditional basic income. Anything can happen anytime to any of us. We need to make sure that medical care costs don’t destroy our ability to afford our most basic needs.

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@scottsantens: Conservatives are not alone in having a serious disinformation problem. Progressives engage in it too, especially in primary elections. You can’t claim to value democracy, and then go about lying to voters to manipulate them. Democracy requires truthfully well-informed citizens.

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@scottsantens: “Amid reports of a restaurant industry ‘labor shortage,’ employees say all they really want are wages that make the risk worth it.”

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@FundForHumanity: .@FundForHumanity’s mission is to first raise awareness of UBI and this is one of the initiative that it is sponsoring. @UBIToday has 130,656 users since April 2020 and its editor @scottsantens has done a masterful job keeping it up to date on a daily basis. Check it out.

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@scottsantens: The power to refuse to work until your conditions are met is called bargaining power. The unemployment insurance boost is providing that power temporarily. Unconditional basic income would provide that power permanently, and unlike UI, would be kept in addition to wages vs. lost.

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@FundForHumanity: .@scottsantens is the purveyor of UBI in the style of “Freakonomics” – witty, accessible, and un-refutable.

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