@representus: The #FreedomtoVoteAct is here and it includes several provisions to protect the vote and save our democracy. 🙌It’s time for the Senate to do whatever it takes to pass this crucial bill! 💪Tell your senator to act:

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@RoKhanna: Per person, Americans spend $1500 on prescription drugs—the highest in the world.Letting Medicare negotiate drug prices doesn’t just save Americans money, it also creates better competition from pharma companies. We have to do it.

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@RoKhanna: Parents are reducing their work hours and leaving the workforce completely to save on childcare costs.We want to talk about a labor shortage? Let’s help parents take care of their children. It makes moral and economic sense.

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@I_LOVE_NY: On this day, and 20th anniversary, we remember and honor those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, and the heroes who risked their lives to save others #NeverForget @Sept11Memorial 📸: @ danngamaldi

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@MeidasTouch: Grateful for our sponsor @Policygenius for making this show possible! Compare insurance quotes for free at and save money tonight! Tell them Legal AF podcast sent you!

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@RBReich: Let me get this straight: Getting vaccinated to save others during a pandemic is a personal choice, but what a woman does with her own body should be mandated by the government?

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@RoKhanna: Oil and gas companies said that emergency efforts to save the environment would hurt the US—they don’t.They also say they’re helping to fight the climate crisis—they aren’t.My subcommittee will find out what they’re hiding from the American people.

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@scottsantens: It’s not good enough to deny the efficacy of masks and vaccines. Now they have to go after the ones who are trying their best to save their lives after they refuse masks and vaccines.

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@kai_newkirk: We are shutting down traffic at Reagan National Airport. The threat to our democracy is an emergency. We must not let the Senate go on recess or leave the Capitol until they end the filibuster and pass the The For The People Act to protect voting rights and save our democracy.

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@RoKhanna: There is no good reason that we tie health care to employment status. It’s callous, needless, and expensive.Medicare for All would save Americans money in the long run and free them to pursue new opportunities. It’s right both morally and economically, and we need it now.

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