@scottsantens: If enough people read @StephanieKelton’s The Deficit Myth, especially people in Congress, we wouldn’t be where we are right now, debating over how best to carve up the carcass of a bill, and what meat should stay on the bones. We’d be managing abundance.

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@FundForHumanity: It seems as if pre-K will remain in the negotiated BBB bill. Unless simultaneous measures are taken to transform K-12, our children are not going to benefit from this. Right now, 8th graders proficient in math = 34%, proficient in reading = 34%. That means 67% are not.

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@dpakman: Shortages under Trump were definitely not his fault, but potential shortages under Biden would definitely be his fault, right?

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@dpakman: Crazy night in right wing media, Tucker did the predictable antivax stuff about Colin Powell, Eric Trump appeared on hannity and tried speaking coherently, etc

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@John_C_Austin: Rebuilding communities in industrial heartland regions – right recipe to defuse our polarized politics.On @SteeleAndUngar’s Rational Radio sharing what we are learning working with @Jeff_J_Anderson @AndyWWestwood @bt_hanson @ColleenSDoc @HitchAlexander @RoKhanna @JuergenHeinR

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@AlexanderMcCoy4: Lots of talk right now about Joe Manchin.My experience is that the most effective way to pressure Joe Manchin is to put actual West Virginians in front of him expressing their material needs & setting an expectation that he will meet them.

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@thehill: .@chicagosmayor Lightfoot on Biden’s health mandate: “I’m confident that the vast majority of officers […] are gonna honor their oath and obligation, and their obligation is to do the right thing, to show up, to protect our residents and keep us safe.”

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@AndrewYang: If there was a @Fwd_Party car it wouldn’t turn left or right. It just goes straight ahead.

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@AonghusOg: A good bit more detail here on Basic Income for Artists. Number of participants is small, but weekly rate is right at €325. Absolute game-changer for the 2,000 lucky folks who manage to find Wonka’s golden ticket…

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@dpakman: It’s increasingly clear that most Republicans would gleefully vote Trump again in 2024 and that Biden margin in 2020 was extremely tenuous. It’s not looking great, right?

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