@BernieSanders: All over this country, people are beginning to stand up and are realizing that while they are working for $10 or $12 an hour, billionaires are not paying a nickel in income tax. That ain’t right.

Bernie Sanders (@berniesanders) / Twitter

@OurRevolution: “Because @ninaturner has been consistent in her courage and in her advocacy for ‘Us’, we know that no matter what she encounters, she is going to do the right thing because she has been doing the right thing.” – @keithellison, MN AG / OurRev Board #OH11

Our Revolution (@OurRevolution) / Twitter

@RBReich: In 1890, the filibuster was used to block legislation to provide federal supervision of congressional elections & protect the right of Black Americans to vote. In 2021, the filibuster is again being used to block legislation to protect the right to vote. Not much has changed.

Robert Reich (@RBReich) / Twitter

@BernieSanders: “I will wake up every day fighting to create Medicare for All so that health care is finally a right and not privilege in the United States of America.”

Bernie Sanders (@berniesanders) / Twitter

@RoKhanna: An arbitrary Medicare eligibility age shouldn’t be a life-or-death difference for older Americans.@PramilaJayapal is right: we must lower the Medicare eligibility age to 60 as a starting point for expansion.

Ro Khanna (@RoKhanna) / Twitter

@RBReich: Let’s get one thing straight: Freedom doesn’t mean you have the right to recklessly endanger others by refusing to get vaccinated.

Robert Reich (@RBReich) / Twitter

@karrilevens: Our door camera early this morning. I slept right through it! 😁 Video taken in Surprise, Arizona. #Monsoon #Monsoon2021 #Lightning #storms #Surprise #Arizona #ArizonaMonsoon

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@LouisianaGov: More than 1 in every 10 hospital visits in Louisiana right now is related to COVID-like symptoms. This is a higher rate than at any other time during this pandemic. Mask up, get vaccinated, and help slow this down. #lagov

Walker Bragman (@scottsantens) / Twitter

@scottsantens: Highest wage growth this century combined with inflation measurements coming in below estimates. It works to focus on the right things and letting supply adjust to strong demand instead of reducing demand and ignoring the human costs of reduced incomes and higher unemployment.

Scott Santens (@scottsantens) / Twitter

@dpakman: Is there any legit tool that will show you your verified instagram followers, sort them by followers, etc right now? SocialRank used to do it but it seems their Instagram API is dead

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