@scottsantens: Republican members of Congress also aren’t wrong to not actually care about the deficit. They’re only wrong about how they use it. The deficit should be used to benefit ALL OF US, not only the rich, and the debt ceiling is a bogus limit on what we can do.

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@RoKhanna: Let’s be clear about something: the debt ceiling allows the government to pay for previous expenses, not new ones.We’re hitting the debt ceiling because Republicans gave $2 trillion in tax cuts mostly to their rich friends. They need to be part of raising it, too.

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@scottsantens: Increasing the incomes of low-and-middle-income households with UBI makes more sense than just calling to Tax the Rich. Let’s talk more about what we should all have instead of what the 1% shouldn’t.Also taxing the rich doesn’t pay for federal spending.

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@RBReich: As Republicans fear-monger about Democrats’ proposed tax increases on corporations and the rich, remember: Tax cuts for corporations don’t create jobs and grow the economy.Trickle-down economics is a sham.

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@RBReich: Child care. Universal pre-K. Free community college. Paid leave. Medicare expansion. Climate action. Taxes on the rich and corporations. It’s all in the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a fairer America.

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@RBReich: In 1950, the wealthiest Americans paid roughly 70% of their income in taxes, including individual income taxes, corporate taxes, estate taxes, etc.In 2018, their effective tax rate was down to about 25%. Say it with me: Tax the rich.

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@ReallyAmerican1: The Texas abortion law is really an anti poor woman law. Rich Republicans get their mistresses abortions while forcing poor woman into birth.RT to show how #TexasHatesPoorPeopleVideo by @ReallyAmerican1 host @ChipFranklin

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@RBReich: Don’t let anyone tell you we can’t afford the Democrats’ game-changing budget resolution. The package raises taxes on the rich and corporations, and let me tell you…they can sure as hell afford it.

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@RBReich: Child care. Universal pre-k. Free college universities. Medicare expansion. Climate action. Taxes on the rich and corporations. It’s all in the budget reconciliation package. Why isn’t the media giving this the airtime it deserves?

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@RevDrBarber: “A recent report by a non-profit think tank reveals 55 of the largest firms in the U.S. paid, combined, less than zero in federal income taxes in 2020.”As my friend @RBReich often says, it’s socialism for the rich, harsh capitalism for the rest of us.

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