@sfchronicle: The Senate passed a landmark tech investment bill co-authored by Rep. Ro Khanna on Tuesday, a significant feat that puts pressure on the House to follow suit.Khanna’s Endless Frontier Act will invest massively in innovative research and development.

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@RoKhanna: For decades, America led the world in industry—we can do the same for tech and innovation.That’s why I’m so proud of our Endless Frontier Act, which will fund the cutting-edge research and technology that would otherwise be left behind.

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@IndiaWest: Rep. Ro Khanna Driving Force Behind Bold, Bipartisan Technology Research and Development Bill Passed by Senate

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@RoKhanna: The United States once ranked 1st in the world for research & development as a share of GDP. Now we’re 9th.The Senate must pass our Endless Frontiers Act (aka the US Innovation & Competition Act) to reclaim our position as a leader on innovation and invest in America’s future.

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@olga_kagan: The Congressional Food Allergy Research Caucus is an important step forward! @DorisMatsui @PatrickMcHenry @RoKhanna @RepBenCline Thank you for leading the way and being a voice of millions of Americans with food allergies in Congress!

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@FoodAllergy: FARE applauds the creation of the Congressional Food Allergy Research Caucus to advocate for the #foodallergy community & increased federal #research. We look forward to working with the Caucus & Reps. @DorisMatsui @PatrickMcHenry @RoKhanna & @RepBenCline!

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@RoKhanna: We can reduce income inequality & strengthen our economy through investments in research universities, R&D funding, technology, and by cultivating entrepreneurs in rural and underrepresented communities.

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@VP: Yesterday, I toured the wind turbine research and sustainable energy labs @UWM. The American Jobs Plan will invest in R&D so the U.S. can create jobs, address the climate crisis, and spur new technological breakthroughs.

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@thehill: Limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius could reduce sea level rise by 50 percent: research

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