@representus: When district lines are redrawn every 10 years, the party in power often gerrymanders districts to ensure their own re-election. This is happening right now. The Freedom to Vote Act stops gerrymandering. Tell Congress to pass it:

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@representus: The #FreedomtoVoteAct is here and it includes several provisions to protect the vote and save our democracy. 🙌It’s time for the Senate to do whatever it takes to pass this crucial bill! 💪Tell your senator to act:

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@representus: ‘Bribery has been legalized in America’ — RepresentUs CEO Josh Silver spoke to @AndrewYang about the failures of American democracy and how we can fix it

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@representus: Happy #LaborDay! It’s time our government lifts up the people rather than the ultra wealthy and corporate interests

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@AndrewYang: Now on Josh Silver CEO of @representus discusses how democracy reform is the path to better outcomes on multiple fronts – poverty, the environment, health care, you name it. He makes a compelling case.

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@AndrewYang: Monday on the co-founder and CEO of @representus Josh Silver talks about why democracy reform is the challenge that makes other challenges solvable.

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@representus: “The battle has never been right vs. left; it has always been the many vs. the money.” Nailed. it.

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@representus: “Neither of you can hide from history.” — History professor William Tilchin is calling on Sens. Manchin and Sinema to fix the filibuster in a new op-ed

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