@MeidasTouch: We are thrilled by the reception to the new Meidas Merch! Thank you! Represent democracy with our union-made, made in the USA styles:

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@BernieSanders: Our vision is that the government should represent ALL of the people, not just the 1%. The foundations of government should rest on the pillars of justice — economic justice, racial justice, social justice, environmental justice — that’s what we believe. #BernieInKY

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@BernieSanders: Mitch McConnell has been working overtime to represent the needs of the wealthy and the powerful and to undermine the needs of working families, the elderly, the sick, the children and the poor. #BernieInKY

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@BernieSanders: You know what? At a time of massive income and wealth inequality, maybe, just maybe, government should represent the needs of a struggling working class and middle class.

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@SecondGentleman: The 40,000 flowers in this memorial represent the lives lost to gun violence each year. They represent family members, neighbors, and friends. Thank you @GabbyGiffords for this powerful reminder. @POTUS is right, it’s time to treat gun violence like the epidemic it is.

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