@karrilevens: – Married Since 2013 – Owner of the Progressive website Progressive Christian – Directly related to the second president, John Adams- Part Time Postal Worker – Independent Contactor- Love Music, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Road Trips & Casino’s.

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@karrilevens: On one side of my family line I am related to second president of the United States, John Adams and on the other side I’m Slavic and also come from a line of pirates. 🤔

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@Brian_Blank: Chicago Police Watchdog Finds Nearly 100 Misconduct Allegations Related To 2019 Raid #COPA #CPD

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@zentangent: Doing the math, US (on average) has 106 gun related deaths/day & climbing.38,658/365=105.9 deaths PER DAY.For contrast, when all others combined,864/365 = 2.36 deaths PER DAY. This is GUNocide not genocide, a close 2nd.Stats can thrill, or kill.#OVEV1 Z21#DemVoice1

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