@scottsantens: When I say UBI will save us resources, that’s the entire point anyway. Money is just a construct. It’s a way of helping us measure available resources but we’ve forgotten that money isn’t really what matters. The question is do we have the resources to end poverty, and yes we do.

Zach Graumann (@busybid) / Twitter

@scottsantens: “Shared global challenges — including climate change, disease, financial crises, and technology disruptions — are likely to manifest more frequently and intensely in almost every region and country.”We really need to adopt UBI. Everything depends on it.

Basic Income Today (@busybid) / Twitter

@karrilevens: Darius Rucker is a great musician and a positive person and seems really nice to his fans. I build unofficial websites for celebrities that are cool with their fans. This website was created as an unofficial Darius Rucker social feed. ✌

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@scottsantens: I enjoyed this takedown by @esaagar of @DanCrenshawTX’s idiotic stance against stimulus checks. How a human being can develop into such a monstrous and stupid a clown as Dan has achieved is a mystery for the ages, and he really shouldn’t be in Congress.🤡

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@RoKhanna: I really like @AndrewYang. But whatever your political ideology, it’s a matter of fact that @VP is the most prominent Asian American figure and @SenDuckworth @RepJudyChu and @RepJayapal are having a major national impact. Let’s give them the respect they deserve.

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@karrilevens: I don’t really care what one random celebrity has to say. I own other celebrity websites too. Just one less for me to manage. Thank for the update! ✌

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