@scottsantens: Great, but we should really make sure people have the economic security of basic income first, which is also very effective at improving mental health and reducing depression.Always better to prevent the need for treatments than to need treatments, even when they’re pretty fun.

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@scottsantens: It’s really pretty funny how Larry Summers can go from, “if we do this, we won’t have any money left in an emergency,” to “we just had an emergency and we spent way too much money,” and have any credibility at all.

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@JillFilipovic: 100% unsurprised about the Rittenhouse verdict, but still sickened by the whole affair — and most of all disgusted by how the right as cheered him on as a hero. It’s one thing to believe he met the bar for self-defense. It’s REALLY another to believe what he did was laudable.

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@scottsantens: We really screwed up in 2008. We didn’t this time. Take the win and stop complaining about temporarily higher inflation as pandemic-impacted global supply chains get straightened out. Things could have been so much worse for so many people for so much longer.

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@scottsantens: The #ChildTaxCredit as it now exists, at least temporarily, is a demonstration of just how important to poverty reduction it is to drop “work requirements” which are really income requirements. Bootstrap-pulling requires boots. It takes cash to make cash.

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@thehill: Sec. @PeteButtigieg on the infrastructure bill: “There has already been […] a huge leap over the sometimes low expectations of today’s Washington, […] vindicating the president’s belief that you really can get major legislation even through today’s divided Congress.”

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@scottsantens: To those not steeped in politics, especially those turned off by it, it’s really challenging to get people excited about reforming a process they aren’t interested in, but we need to try, and that’s what Yang is attempting to do. He’s trying to mobilize the disengaged.

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@RawrItsSaber: I just called the NDP and urged them to make Basic Income a condition for supporting the minority Government (which was really hard cause social anxiety & phone calls, y’know..?) 80% of them support Basic Income — let’s get it done. Join me:

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