@ScottSifton: I’m a Democrat, father, former state senator and I’m running for the US Senate in MO. Our state is tired of being humiliated by people like Josh Hawley & Eric Greitens. If you’re ready to flip this open seat please RT and follow to join our campaign today:

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@MeidasTouch: It’s finally happened, y’all. @mspopok has returned from his vacation and has reunited with @meiselasb to bring you an all new episode of our top law and politics podcast, Legal AF!The latest episode drops at 5am ET / 2am PT. Get ready for your favorite Legal Analysis Friends!

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@ysimpsonpower: This progressive movement is big, y’all! Strategizing & power-building w/ @JosephGeev President, @OurRevolution & @AdrBell ED, @BrandNew535. #teamwork #dream #work Let’s win this race in OH-11, for the people! Ready to call my sister Congresswoman @ninaturner! #HelloSomebody

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@HeidiBriones: Used a precious Audible credit to preorder the audiobook. Ready for the tea 🍵👍

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@FundForHumanity: And we’re so not ready for it! Read my late son’s techno-thriller “Crisis 2038” that describes what will happen if we don’t implement UBI now.

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@MeidasTouch: Raise your hand if you’re ready to make fascists uncomfortable ✋Get your GQP Repellent Whistles here:

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@dpakman: What ever happened with Tucker Carlson getting ready to present the proof that he was being spied on and his emails were being leaked by the NSA or FBI or whoever? Anybody remember that from a couple of weeks ago?

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@RemoveRon: Thank you for 130k followers!We will continue to work every day until Ron #DeathSantis is removed from the Governor’s Mansion in 2022!If you’re ready to fight for Florida, give us a follow and join the movement to @RemoveRon!

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@RoKhanna: Our nation is ready to tackle the climate crisis head-on. Republicans may not be, but it shouldn’t matter.Enough about what we can and can’t afford—we can’t afford to wait.

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@PramilaJayapal: Our infrastructure isn’t ready for the worst effects of climate change. This is going to become our new normal unless we ACT.Our infrastructure package needs to have the bold climate action that this crisis demands.

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