@FundForHumanity: This can be said about every single nation on Earth. They were all born out of violence and suppression. What America must do is face the current circumstances and come up with new solutions to the problems that are specific to the 21stC. Transform K-12 ed and implement UBI.

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@OurRevolution: “The American people put Democrats in charge because they’re tired of Washington not working for them. We have no choice but to take bold action to tackle the problems that keep folks up at night — and that starts with eliminating the filibuster.”

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@OurRevolution: .@Sen_JoeManchin – if the filibuster is NOT eliminated, our democracy is going to have SERIOUS problems!! #DefendDemocracy #FixTheSenate

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@kenjaminyang: This would accelerate the automation / offshoring of work.#UBI solves problems minimum wage can’t.

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@novelidea14: FOX NEWS: Owned by a Billionaire who hires Millionaires, to explain to the Middle Class that all their problems are caused by poor people.

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@scottsantens: “UBI would mean that highly experienced creative people, free thinkers, and problem solvers would be available to help solve the problems of 10 billion people on one small planet instead of being stuck in a dead end job, ruined by a lifetime of stress.”

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@BrianaWhitney: A growing number of Americans are skipping their 2nd dose of the COVID vaccine.Many have missed it due to bad health reactions from the 1st dose, but a doctor says if more & more people keep skipping the 2nd shot it could lead to problems later this year

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@Ugentilini: Quick poll! Do you think that #covid is shifting narratives on #poverty away from “individuals’ fault” and in favor of “structural or societal problems”?

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