@WhiteHouse: Today, alongside Vice President Harris and disability advocate and artist Tyree Brown, President Biden celebrated the 31st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act and reaffirmed his commitment to building a nation that is inclusive, accessible, and equitable for all.

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@OurRevolution: Happy birthday, @mrdannyglover! Wouldn’t the best gift be if President @JoeBiden passed the #PROAct?!?

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@RBReich: Folks, we’ve seen this all before.Republicans in Congress blow up the debt under a Republican president. And as soon as a Democrat enters the White House, they magically become spending hawks so they can hobble any proposed spending for Democrats’ programs.Don’t fall for it.

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@OurRevolution: We must get voter protection legislation passed – like President @JoeBiden promised he would. The Democratic majority depends on it. #DefendDemocracy

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@scottsantens: “‘The implication of not implementing a Basic Income Grant will be too dire to contemplate,’ says Frye… On Sunday, President Cyril Ramaphosa said that the government is looking at the feasibility of implementing such a grant.”Riots may lead to immediate #UBI in South Africa.

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@scottsantens: Now imagine if our former president had encouraged everyone to get the vaccine as soon as it was available and if he’d even made one of his publicity stunts out of getting the vaccine himself?It matters who people hear things from, and what they don’t hear from whom they trust.

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@OurRevolution: “President @JoeBiden’s silence was deafening on the filibuster question that would make his plea to protect voting rights a reality.” – Joseph Geevarghese, Executive Director of Our Revolution #EndTheFilibuster #DefendDemocracy

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@scottsantens: Here’s my appearance on @YangSpeaks to chat with @AndrewYang for a bit about how I got into #UBI, what I thought the day he told me he was going to run for president, how people can help the UBI movement succeed, and more.Enjoy, #YangGang and thank you!

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@OurRevolution: President @JoeBiden made a promise & he has the opportunity to fulfill that now. Lower the age of eligibility for Medicare with the reconciliation package. #ExpandMedicare

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