@RoKhanna: Powerful piece. This is why we must pass @SenSanders & my amendment to the NDAA which will end our supply of spare parts to Yemen and ground the Saudi Air Force to a halt if they continue the war. @AdamSchiff @electadam are on board.

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@FixOurSenate: Powerful words from former Majority Leader @SenatorReid:”It’s time Senate Democrats act with the urgency that this moment demands and abolish the filibuster once and for all.”

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@saidaboutyang: “This is a powerful and urgent warning that we must step back from the brink and plot a new way forward for our democracy.” @penguinrandom #SaidAboutYang Pre-order here:

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@slorantes: A powerful read.”We have accomplished so much, & yet we are so short of our full potential, things might just turn around & start going the other direction. We can’t let that happen.We must escape that future & together discover a better one.””…we must escape together.”

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@AndrewYang: Now imagine [AI in] a virtually limitless number of possibilities . . from medicine to science, industry, transportation, energy, government and every other sphere of human activity . . you end up with a new, and uniquely powerful . . “electricity of intelligence.”

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@RBReich: Corporate America’s playbook:1) Exploit workers to maximize profits2) Use profits to buy Congress3) Use Congress to pass union-busting laws4) Use these laws to further exploit workers5) RepeatThis Labor Day, let’s break the cycle and build back a powerful labor movement.

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@RBReich: Let the centennial of Blair Mountain remind us of what is possible when workers unite and fight back against corporate exploitation.The time to build back a powerful labor movement is now.

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@RBReich: This Labor Day weekend, let us remember the sacrifices of those who fought to improve the lives of working families, and recommit to building back a powerful labor movement.

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