@RBReich: As Majority Leader, McConnell:—Blocked the Senate from considering Obama’s Supreme Court nominee—Got rid of the filibuster to confirm Trump’s nominees—Obstructed countless House billsHe bet Dems wouldn’t retaliate when they regained power. So far that bet is paying off.

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@karrilevens: I was baptized at @ccvonline on July 8, 2013 and that’s when I gave my self to Jesus. I felt so much stronger day by day and today and I can feel the power of the Lord within me! Thank you Christ Church of the Valley!

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@scottsantens: Using poverty as a weapon to coerce people into accepting wages they would never otherwise accept if they had the power to refuse those wages thanks to already having their basic needs met is wrong, but it’s also not a good deal.Child poverty alone costs us over $1 trillion/yr.

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@NABIGCongress: Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to change the hearts and minds of those in power. In this session, our speakers will explore the importance of telling personal stories in basic income advocacy. Register today:

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@kenjaminyang: Decades of automation have decimated worker bargaining power, distorting labour markets and stagnating wages while productivity grows.Basic income is unravelling this distortion, making markets more efficient by allowing workers and businesses to negotiate on fairer grounding.

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@BernieSanders: When we stand together against the existential threat of climate change, we can create a future where preserving our planet matters more than Big Oil’s profits. Grassroots power stopped Keystone XL, and it will #StopLine3.

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@RBReich: Serious question: How do two Senate Democrats have this much power in a democracy? The “world’s greatest deliberative body” is utterly broken.

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@FundForHumanity: This keynote highlights how UBI can bring together all the constituents who would benefit from it. For too long, the powers that be have deliberately divided poor people to dilute their power. Not anymore.

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@RBReich: Wealth and power are inextricably connected.The super-rich have bought armies of lobbyists to create and maintain tax loopholes large enough to drive their Lamborghinis through. It’s time for a wealth tax.

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