@scottsantens: I’m having a heck of a time getting Google translate to work on news coming out of Chile about emergency basic income there. Can someone please let me know the details of what’s going on? I see talk of an amount that’s 100% of the poverty line to 100% of registered households…

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@RBReich: So let me get this straight: Republicans in Congress think low-income Americans should work to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, but are okay with a minimum wage that pays a poverty wage?

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@scottsantens: Ending cancer is a great goal to work towards, but that’s going to take some decades. Another big goal that is within our power is ending poverty, and we can do that immediately with the stroke of a pen.Let’s invest in everyone with universal basic income.#PresidentialAddress

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@POTUS: I believe no one should work full time and still live in poverty. That’s why today, I raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour for people working on federal contracts.

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@Ugentilini: Quick poll! Do you think that #covid is shifting narratives on #poverty away from “individuals’ fault” and in favor of “structural or societal problems”?

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@scottsantens: If Mark Johnson were to endorse Universal Basic Income today, we could eradicate poverty before tomorrow. That is the power of Mark Johnson.

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@HumanityForward: “I worried that my son and I would go hungry. The child tax credit is a financial lifeline.”The expanded child tax credit means parents will start receiving MONTHLY checks on July 1. Let’s make that permanent to slash child poverty for good.

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@Booker4KY: Poverty is an unbearably expensive and unsustainable economic model in our country. We literally cannot afford it.

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@scottsantens: Just signed this petition to Congress to make the monthly checks from the child tax credit permanent. Will you join me in signing and sharing this petition?Cutting child poverty in half will save us over $500 billion a year.It’s a good and moral deal.

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@drjasonnichols: Fact: Under 26 years of Democratic Presidential Leadership, Black poverty declined by 23.6% points, but GREW by 3% points under 28 years of Republican Presidential leadership.(2012)

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