@KimiAvary: Listen to @scottsantens article Escaping Together. I was inspired to read it on video, with his permission, because not everyone takes the time to read. Please check it out and share if you feel as inspired as I did. #UBI #UniversalBasicIncome #BasicIncome

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@BasicIncomeNS: A great new promotional video from Basic Income Now. Please share widely. #BasicIncomeNow #basicincome #endpoverty

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@RoKhanna: Today’s the day, California.If you haven’t returned your ballot already, please vote in person today—and remember to vote for science and equality and vote NO on Question 1.

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@MeidasTouch: Thank you for making our Legal AF podcast the number one legal podcast in the United States! Please make sure you are subscribed on your favorite podcast apps, leave a 5-star review and spread the word!

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@VP: To the family members, friends and all those who lost someone they love on September 11th or in its aftermath, please know that we see you—and that our nation stands with you.

Vice President Kamala Harris (@VP) / Twitter

@arrington: Dear @AarikaRhodes – If you are fighting to make this person unemployed, I’ll back you in every way I can. Please let me (and all of us) know how to do that.

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@mehdirhasan: ***Please watch one of the most important things I’ve done as a journalist since moving here to the U.S:My 13-min film to mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11 & explain how the ‘war on terror’ failed. Full film: clip from it:

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@RBReich: California: Vote no on the recall. The deadline to mail in your ballots is September 14. Please spread the word.

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