@SchwartzTV: Temps in the 80s, but dewpoints pretty high keeping things humid this morning. Plan on a high of around 103 later today. Phoenix storm outlook today doesn’t look too promising. #azwx #azfamily

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@RoKhanna: We’re going to pay for the climate crisis.So why shouldn’t we invest in a plan that will not only protect us from floods, drought, wildfires, and more, but will boost the economy at the same time? Let’s go big and bold on climate in the infrastructure bill.

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@RBReich: McConnell’s game plan: 1) Call for bipartisanship. 2) Dangle vague compromise. 3) Back out last-minute. 4) Threaten not to raise the debt ceiling. 5) Go on Fox News. 6) Bash Biden and Dems. 7) Repeat. The goal is to run out the clock.

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@RBReich: Tell me why Democrats are split over Biden’s plan to tax capital gains at 39.6% — up from 20% — for those earning more than $1 million? This should be a slam-dunk.

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@FundForHumanity: Kudos to @SenDaveCortese for launching the first-ever UBI pilot for transitioning foster youth now included in the plan when he was a member of the Board of Supervisors in Santa Clara County.

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@EhresmanKatya: My favorite events to host are the ones that bully @tedcruz!!!!!Stop what you’re doing right now and text “Democracy” to 33339 and make a plan to call your senators every day & tell them to pass the #ForThePeopleAct!

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@RBReich: To get through the Senate and avoid a filibuster, every Senate Democrat must now back Biden’s emerging $3.5 trillion plan, testing their unity and commitment to the nation. Will they pass that test?

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@PramilaJayapal: Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, child tax credit payments start going out TODAY. That’s up to $3,600 a year, per child, going into the pockets of working parents across America.Here’s a reminder that ZERO Republicans voted for it. Not even one.

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@POTUS: Today is a historic day for our country. Because beginning this morning, nearly all working families started receiving their first tax cut payment from the Child Tax Credit of up to $300 per child.Help is here with the American Rescue Plan.

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