@OurRevolution: “New York has passed the most progressive laws in the country — like bail reform, giving undocumented people driver’s licenses, etc. We were able to do that not just because of the Democratic candidates that ran, but because of the Democratic Socialists that ran.”

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@RBReich: Democrats: Preserving our democracy is what we elected you to do.Tomorrow is your chance to abolish the Jim Crow filibuster and get the For the People Act passed. The nation is counting on you to make it happen.

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@income_movement: Grassroots organizers can create legislation for UBI. Come over to #NABIG2021 and hear about the Oregon People’s Rebate and how people in more than 25 states can get a statewide UBI passed through ballot initiatives.

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@Taniel: The California Senate passed a bill this week that’d set up guaranteed basic income for youth aging out of foster care. ($1,000/monthly for three years.) Context:

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@POTUS: Today, we’ve passed 300 million shots in 150 days. When I took office, our nation was in crisis. Today, the virus is in retreat and our economy has smashed previous records for job growth. That’s just four months, folks.

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@OurRevolution: Workers that have unions have better wages, better benefits, better safety conditions in the workplace. The #PROAct is the most significant pro-worker legislation since 1935 that will put power back in the hands of workers. Let’s get it passed

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@POTUS: Today we passed a grim milestone: 600,000 lives lost from COVID-19. My heart goes out to all those who’ve lost a loved one. I know that black hole that seems to consume you, but a time will come when their memory brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes.

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@OurRevolution: LIVE! Tonight, join us with @RepJayapal on our strategy to get progressive priorities passed; newly-elected San Antonio City Councilwoman @210TeriCastillo on turning TX blue; & WV union leader Joe Gouzd on our campaign to hold @Sen_JoeManchin accountable!

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@scottsantens: Hello, DC! I hear this is the place where unconditional basic income will someday be passed into law because I’m going to make damn well sure it is.

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@sfchronicle: The Senate passed a landmark tech investment bill co-authored by Rep. Ro Khanna on Tuesday, a significant feat that puts pressure on the House to follow suit.Khanna’s Endless Frontier Act will invest massively in innovative research and development.

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