@BernieSanders: In 1965, half of all seniors over the age of 65 had no medical insurance. The passage of Medicare ended that injustice. Now, in 2021, we can continue to fulfill the promise of Medicare by expanding it to include dental care, eyeglasses, and hearing aids. Let’s get it done.

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@RoKhanna: As the Senate’s passage of my Endless Frontier Act shows, we can still achieve bipartisanship in Washington. But it shouldn’t be an excuse.The American people are relying on us to invest in communities, take climate change seriously, and create an economy that works for all.

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@Kent_Walker: Federal support for R&D yields phenomenal returns for American competitiveness. We welcome Senate passage of the U.S. Innovation & Competition Act, promoting technology leadership, and we encourage more funding for basic R&D in coming years. #NSF

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@scottsantens: All these people tweeting about #MemorialDay who support the Republican project of permanent minority rule and who oppose the passage of the #ForThePeopleAct, don’t deserve the freedoms made possible by those who fought and died for the protection of our democratic republic.

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@OurRevolution: When we organize, we win! Our Revolution Trenton Mercer New Jersey led the effort to win passage of a Medicare for All resolution by the Princeton Council – becoming the 8th locale in the state to pass a #MedicareForAll resolution! @ORNJ_Official

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@letgreglive_: Can anyone show me any passage in the Bible where Jesus excludes people for ANY reason?

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